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ARTISAN CONCRETE creates products strong and versatile enough for architectural applications, while maintaining the warmth and sculptural properties of a handcrafted material. We create custom countertops, vessel & integral sinks, water features, mantles & hearths, furniture, and floors. We create concrete art with integral color or stains in palettes from cool and contemporary to the warmth of the old world. Call us for your next project..

Serving Greater Austin, the Hill Country & Bastrop County area since 2000.


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Wipe concrete countertops clean with a soft cloth or sponge, warm water, and mild dishwashing liquid for everyday maintenance.


We recommend using a cutting board and wiping counters when preparing food. Extended exposure to citrus. red wine, and oil may cause staining and etching.


Improve the stain-resistance of concrete countertops by waxing them with a food grade beeswax like The Honey Guy Beeswax Countertop Polish or Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Countertop Care every 6-8 weeks, especially in the well used work areas. Not only will this will protect concrete countertops from water, food stains and bacteria, it will restore shine and lustre.

Apply a thin layer of wax paste with a clean cloth in circular motion. Allow time for wax to penetrate concrete pores then buff to a shine with a soft cotton cloth. if using an electric buffer do not use a wool pad, as the wool fibers will stick in the wax.

With regular care and maintenance concrete countertops will not only last, but improve with age.


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